Wedding San Francisco

Heather + Lance // San Francisco, California // City Hall

Wedding San Francisco City hall

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This is a story about coincidence. 

We met Lance 3 years ago in Venice. He was visiting Italy and that night there would be fireworks on Grand Canal, a truly unique show. He stopped and asked us information, Venice is a maze, and we invited him to watch the fireworks together with us, to take a plate of pasta and to talk under a sky full of lights. We discovered that he was traveling alone, it was from San Francisco, that we had the same camera equipment, he loves photography like we do,  he had photographed the weddings of some friends. We kept in touch on Facebook and when he asked Heather to marry him, we asked him if he needed a couple of photographers for the wedding, for joke … and so it was! Heather remained affected by our work as wedding photographers, and what better opportunity to see Lance, knowing Heather and visiting such a beautiful city? And so it was, Enrico and Eleonora and wedding San Francisco!

San Francisco is a beautiful city,  one of the most beautiful cities in USA. We met some fabulous people from all over the world but especially from Europe. Lance had invited many of the people he had known in his many travels and it was crazy!  The wedding day was a day full of emotions . During preparations the bride received a book of memoirs given to her by her bridesmaids and it was truly a magical and touching moment . Then it came the time of dressing , a fabulous dress, a dreaming dress,  and in a moment the bride was ready and we left to the City Hall inside a limousine. The celebrant , the best friend of the bride , was great , his words were very touching. The ceremony was beautiful , the exchange of promises was exciting and all was  framed by the beautiful location, the grand staircases , the decorations , the flowers , the lights … everything was perfect . And the reception? Not to forget the Chinese origins of the groom, we have attended the ceremony of Chinese The and then we ate traditional Chinese dishes in the company of fabulous people ! The climate of this marriage was a festive atmosphere , a celebrazine of cultures , an explosion of love and joy , the atmosphere was joyful, it was really the perfect marriage. We can never thank enough Heather and Lance for giving us this great opportunity , for trusting us , for teaching us that barriers do not exist , for letting us experience new things and discovered the marvelous city of  San Francisco . Last but not least , we want to thank you for teaching us what love is , for giving us a dream , for everything, thank you.

Ceremony : Wedding San Francisco City Hall

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