Enrico Eleonora

Something about us

Eleonora Tomelleri

As a child I dreamed of being a vet but yes, the life and experiences that we live bring us to discover who we are and what we want to do "when we grow up". That's how I realized that photography could be my way. Since I remember photography has always accompanied my life, passion that my mother has definitely transmitted to me. I love being around people, I love hearing their stories, being close to someone at a precise moment in his life. That's why I chose photography, it stops a precise moment and in that moment everything is enclosed, a precise moment in your story and a precise emotion. Often on rainy days I pick up old photo albums, I relive those moments so vividly ... it's a wonderful feeling. I am very emotional, I get carried away by the stories of others, especially from those love stories of bygone times, those that my grandfather used to tell me. For me it is essential to talk, live and share .. without this we are nothing.


Enrico Vallicella

I like traveling, discovering new places and I love sweets, offer me a slice of cake and you will have won me over, I love to joke and be among the people. I am a sensitive person and I always tend to question my thoughts to find new points of view, this allows me to better understand other people, to feel what they feel. I am a simple person and I like simple things, a calm soul, often people tell me that I have a relaxing voice, it's a funny thing and I like it, photographer for others before for myself, I want to give the best of what is expected of me by infusing all this in my photos, shot after shot, I always try the calm, elegance, emotion, those small gestures that only a sensitive person can see and capture.