Elopement in Venice

Jordan + Thomas // Venice // Gondola in Venice

elopement in Venice gondola ride

This Elopement in Venice was amazing! Jordan and Thomas are a young couple from Florida. They decided to went to Venice for taking some wonderful picture in this stunning city. It was really beautiful to stay with them in this wonderful morning, in this wonderful elopement in Venice. They arrived in Venice just a few days before the wedding, but on the wedding day it was all natural, they just were theirselves and that’s the result. They did their getting ready at the Bauer Hotel, near San Marco Square. The wonderful Lisa Semenzato did a fantastic make up and hairstyle on Jordan, she was so happy! After that we took some photo in San Marco and we did a long trip on Gondola, the wonderful ship, that are the symbol of Venice! This city is amazing, so colorful and romantic. It is so lovely and there are a lot of little street and canals. We saw also Rialto Bridge on the Gondola, it was so lovely! It was a very intense day, an elopement in Venice, a magic city, a Gondola ride, a fantastic couple. We are so grateful we’ve photographed this elopement and we are so happy we’ve known two wonderful people like Jordan and Thomas. This magic elopement in Venice was our first elopement. This kind of service is really common for the strangers how wants to have photos dressed like on their wedding day but in another place, like Venice, Verona, Rome,  Florence. Thanks again Jordan and Thomas for this beautiful day together, thanks for our first Gondola ride and our first elopement in Venice. 

Getting ready : Bauer Hotel, Venice . Make up : Lisa Semenzato . Location : Venice .

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Elopement in Venice

Fotografo di matrimonio Verona, Vicenza, Padova, Venezia, Treviso





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